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The “name of nuclear agreement” is a landmark diplomatic deal signed on July 14, 2015, between Iran and six world powers – the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, and Russia. The agreement is officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The JCPOA aimed to limit Iran`s nuclear program in exchange for lifting economic sanctions that had been imposed on the country. Under the agreement, Iran agreed to reduce its stockpile of enriched uranium, dismantle a significant portion of its centrifuges, and allow international inspectors to monitor its nuclear facilities. In return, the US and other signatories agreed to lift sanctions on Iran, which had severely impacted the country`s economy.

The negotiations leading up to the JCPOA were complex and involved numerous rounds of talks over a period of several years. The agreement was widely hailed as a significant diplomatic achievement, with many experts arguing that it represented the best way to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

However, the JCPOA has faced intense opposition from some quarters, particularly in the US. In May 2018, President Trump announced that the US would withdraw from the agreement and reimpose sanctions on Iran. This move was widely criticized by the other signatories to the agreement, who argued that the JCPOA was working as intended and that Iran was complying with its obligations under the deal.

Since the US withdrawal, Iran has announced that it will no longer abide by some of the restrictions imposed by the JCPOA, including limits on uranium enrichment. This has raised concerns among world powers, who fear that Iran may be moving closer to developing nuclear weapons.

Despite these challenges, the JCPOA remains a significant achievement in international diplomacy, demonstrating the power of negotiation and compromise in resolving complex global issues. As the world continues to navigate the complex geopolitics of the Middle East, the lessons of the JCPOA will remain relevant for years to come.