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As a nurse practitioner in Florida, it`s essential to have a collaborative practice agreement (CPA) in place with a physician. A CPA outlines the parameters of your practice, including the type of patients you can see and the services you can provide.

To help you get started with your CPA, here`s a sample collaborative practice agreement for nurse practitioners in Florida:

1. Purpose of the Agreement:

This CPA is established between the physician and the nurse practitioner to outline the scope of practice and collaboration required for the nurse practitioner to provide patient care.

2. Scope of Practice:

The nurse practitioner will provide healthcare services within their scope of practice, which includes but is not limited to:

– Assessment and diagnosis of acute and chronic health problems

– Development and implementation of treatment plans

– Ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests

– Prescribing medications within the scope of practice

– Providing patient education and counseling

3. Collaboration Requirements:

The physician and nurse practitioner will collaborate to ensure the highest quality of care for patients. Collaboration includes but is not limited to:

– Regular meetings to discuss patient care and treatment plans

– Review and approval of treatment plans and medication orders

– Collaboration with other healthcare professionals as needed

– Review and revision of the CPA as necessary to ensure compliance with Florida law and regulations

4. Patient Population:

The nurse practitioner is authorized to provide care to patients of all ages within their scope of practice. However, patients with complex or chronic health conditions may be referred to the physician for further evaluation and management.

5. Record Keeping and Documentation:

The nurse practitioner will maintain accurate and complete patient records, which will be made available to the physician upon request. Documentation will include but is not limited to:

– Health history and physical exams

– Treatment plans and progress notes

– Diagnostic test results

– Medication orders and administration records

6. Professional Liability Insurance:

Both the physician and nurse practitioner will maintain their own professional liability insurance policies.

7. Termination of Agreement:

Either party may terminate this agreement at any time with written notice to the other party. Termination of the CPA will not affect the nurse practitioner`s license to practice.

In conclusion, this sample collaborative practice agreement provides a basic framework for nurse practitioners in Florida to establish a collaborative relationship with a physician. However, it`s important to remember that this is just a template and should be tailored to each individual practice. Always consult with legal counsel and state regulations when drafting or revising a CPA.